Last Man Standing & Dungeoneering

Fully working Last Man Standing (LMS) with fog on both OpenGL and non-OpenGL.
Dungeoneering - Added all monsters, floors, items and their effects. Map interface, tons of different puzzles, bosses with mechanics, drop rates based on complexity level and difficulty. Added Gatestone, floor interface with checkmarks, team dungeoneering.

20+ Bosses - 18 Mini-Games - 200+ Pets

In-Game Name Change, Toggle HD Gameplay, Custom Quests, Magical Crate Event, OSRS Items, Potion Decanting, Bank Tabs, Clan System, Friendly Staff, Active Development

Recruit a Friend & Get Rewards

Project will be opened soon ...


Starter gear: bonus items

Project will be opened soon ...

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The most long-awaited mysterious and bright holiday is here on Forgotten Paradise! This list of changes has already been implemented in the game - 20% OFF All purchases

In this week update we have focused a bit on the clue scroll rewards, OSRS have added new items so we wanted to make sure rewards are up-to date. Meanwhile we tested a bit on new game launcher its still in early phase and gonna need more updates on it, we have also hired extra developer to help Lesik so more updates are expected very soon!

Below you will find newest updates, there is also YT Giveaway that you can participate for rewards. Next update we will focus on clue scrolls and halloween events. We now have newest OSRS cache into the game, but we will wait few more days for OSRS to release halloween event so we can get the latest rewards and add ...

Here are some of the updates before Halloween, we are planning to add exciting events & rewards so you can enjoy the spooky Halloween. Don't forget that we will host giveaway after 31st October with amazing rewards. Giveaway requirements, rules & rewards will be announced in the next week....

Forgotten Paradise

Quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best PvP and PvM experience around. Our team is dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features and support for the players. Active development, daily fixes.

Our staff are very friendly and will provide fast and efficient support when needed. Any bug reports will be dealt immediately and suggestions posted on our forums will be responded to within 12 hours.
We aim for the top gameplay experience, becoming the server crafted for players needs. No more lags, crashes, bugs and boredom.

Game Features

Game Version Revision 317 with 667 items
Content Pre-EOC mixed with OSRS
XP rates Fast Combat Leveling - Skilling x40
Game Modes Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Prestige

Unique Features

20+ Bosses 18 Mini-Games
25 skills Pets 170+
Magical Crate Event In-Game Name Change
Toggle HD Gameplay Potion Decanting
Perfect Switches & Combat Wildy target system
Duo Slayer 110+ Achievements


2024-04-17 12:13:37

picked up the Magical crate in revenant cave in level 29 Wildy!

Iron Millie

2024-04-16 17:29:04

has received 1 Chaotic rapier from Squeal of Fortune!


2024-04-15 21:08:59

received $10 scroll from a mystery box!


2024-04-14 21:00:19

received torva platelegs from a mystery box!


2024-04-14 14:25:25

has received 1 Torva platelegs from Squeal of Fortune!

The Killer38

2024-04-13 07:55:23

has received 1 Torva full helm from Squeal of Fortune!

Dr Dogood

2024-04-11 16:52:51

has received 1 Arcane spirit shield from Squeal of Fortune!