Forgotten Paradise Item Database

Here you can find all the items that we have in our database, if you find any cool items feel free to suggest us to add into the game. Enjoy browsing !

Item Name Item ID
Bandosian components 126394
Blood essence (active) 126392
Blood essence 126390
Ecumenical key shard 126388
Torva platelegs 126386
Torva platebody 126384
Torva full helm 126382
Torva platelegs (damaged) 126380
Torva platebody (damaged) 126378
Torva full helm (damaged) 126376
Zaryte crossbow 126374
Nihil horn 126372
Ancient hilt 126370
Nihil dust 126368
Important letter 126366
Frozen key piece (saradomin) 126364
Frozen key piece (zamorak) 126362
Frozen key piece (bandos) 126360
Frozen key piece (armadyl) 126358
Frozen key 126356
Ancient mix(1) (Note) 126354
Ancient mix(1) 126353
Ancient mix(2) (Note) 126351
Ancient mix(2) 126350
Nexling 126348
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