Prestige Guide


May 28, 2021
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People often come into the Help CC and ask questions about how to Prestige or just don't know what Prestige is, how to do it, what are the exact requirements and why would anyone ever do 120 Dungeoneering three times? Well, you can find all the answers to those questions below

There is only one real requirement to Prestige:

- Achieve Level 99 in every Skill + 120 Dungeoneering.

Although, it is strongly advised that you have a Completionist Cape before you Prestige. This is because you can wear a Completionist Cape at any point after prestiging, no matter what your Skills are. If you want to get a Completionist Cape after you prestige, you will have to get every single Skill to 99 again.

How to Prestige

There are two simple ways to Prestige:

1. You Prestige right after you hit your last 99.
King Roald will teleport to you and will ask you to join him in a journey to his castle.

2. You don't Prestige right after you hit your last 99.
You will simply have to travel to Varrock Castle (City Teleports>Varrock)

King Roald will propose a new challenge to you. If you wish to Prestige, accept this challenge and your Skills will be reset.


Message if you are not Maxed

Prestige Fewards and Consequences

Apart from the Skill reset, there is one big consequence when you Prestige, the EXP rate drop. The following EXP rates apply:
-Normal players: EXP rate x40
-Prestige 1: EXP rate x30
-Prestige 2: EXP rate x20
-Prestige 3: EXP rate x5

Note that you can not set Skills after you Prestige!

Now on to the benefits!

Prestiging offers mainly benefits for PvM players, with a decent Rare droprate increase:
-Prestige 1: 30% droprate increase compared to normal
-Prestige 2: 60% droprate increase compared to normal (23% compared to Prestige 1)
-Prestige 3: 100% droprate increase compared to normal (25% compared to Prestige 2)

You also gain a small cash bonus of 200M, 300M and 500M respectively.

Upon Prestiging you also gain 8 new Completionist Cape colours, changeable for 249k.
(Note: The first red one is the normal Completionist Cape colour)

Prestige 1

Prestige 2

Prestige 3

Last but not least, upon reaching Prestige 3 you get the famous Sir Owen's Longsword as reward.
This sword hits extremely fast, while also having some decent stats.



Prestiging is certainly worth it for PvM'ers, and going for Prestige 1 is quite easy and beneficial.

If you have any more questions about Prestiging or you're stuck on a Skill while trying to Prestige, don't hesitate to send me a pm In-Game or just join the Help CC, we're happy to help and provide you with useful tips and tricks

Kind regards,