Guide: How to make slayer helmets


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May 28, 2021
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How to make -

Regular slayer helmet:

When worn on a Slayer assignment, the helmet provides the Melee boost of 16.67% (from the black mask used to make it) against monsters assigned as the player's slayer task.[1] This does not stack with the boosts given by the Salve amulet or its enhanced/imbued variants against undead Slayer assignments. It does however stack with the 20% damage boost of a Berserker necklace when using obsidian weapons.​
Required: level 55 Crafting, 10 Defence and 60 Slayer to equip.​
Combine - right click and use item on other to make regular slayer helmet​
black mask (buy from slayer master single player rewards shop)
nose peg​
spinny helmet​
ear muffs​
(buy items from any slayer master shop)​

Full slayer helmet:

The slayer helmet is an all-class item, which means its armour stat is used in full when defending against any style.​
It can also be used as an enchanted gem. (when worn, right click to operate).​
Required: level 55 Crafting, 10 Defence and 60 Slayer to equip.​
Combine -right click and use item on other to make full slayer helmet​

Regular slayer helmet - player made
focus sight - dropped by desert strykes in kalphite lair
hexcrest - dropped by jungle strykes in Jungle dungeon

Coloured slayer helmets:
It can be created by adding an unstuffed head after purchasing the ability scroll for 1,000 Slayer reward points from any Slayer master (see below). This is reversible, and the head will be returned to the inventory along with the slayer helmet's components. The abyssal demon head will be lost on death in PVP.
*Note: Coloured slayer helmets are purely cosmetic and add no bonuses

Scrolls -

red (unholy helmet),
black (king black bonnet),
green (kalihpite khat).

Read the scroll to unlock the ability to make coloured slayer helmets,
then right click and use head on slayer helmet to make the desired coloured slayer helmet

scrolls - Heads (note: you need 1 scroll to unlock the ability to make a coloured helmet)

red (unholy helmet) - abyssal head is dropped by abyssal demon in the top floor of the slayer tower

green (kalihpite khat) - Kalphite queen head is dropped by Kalphite queen in the kalphite lair

black (king black bonnet) - King black dragon head is dropped by KBD in the KBD lair


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