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Aug 31, 2021
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The Netherlands

Hello everyone, since the server keeps on growing and more people starting to gamble I decided to make a Gambling Guide.

The first and most important thing to know about Gambling, If you dont trust the Host, or player you're gambling against, always use a MM.
Click HERE to get redirected to the list of trusted Dicer/Middlemens.


Gamemode: 55x2

This gamemode works pretty straight forward,
The betting player trade his bet to the person Hosting ( or MM )
After the trade has been made and both agreed upon the Host rolls the dice just once.

For example:

If the dice hits 55 or higher, the betting player wins the round, and gets his bet paid out double from the Hosting Player ( or MM )
If the dice rolls 54 or lower the Host keeps the bet and wins.

So for a quick example:
-Betting player bets 100m and trades with the Host.
- Host rolls the dice, it lands on 57.
- Betting players wins ( dice landed on 55 or higher ),
- Host pays 200m to the betting player.

Gamemode: Blackjack (21,100)

As the name says it all, this gamemode is basicly the same as Blackjack in any casino.
The goal of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 or 100.

The player choose to play 21 or 100.
The betting player pays the Host ( or MM ) the agreed bet.
After the bet has been placed the Host starts rolling the dice.
Each time the dice lands the host will give the option to the betting player to either Hit or Stay (H/S)
The betting player can hit unlimitted times as he feels like ( since the goal is to get as close to possible to 21 or 100 without busting )
When the Betting player has reached a number he choose to stay on its the Host turn to play.
The goal for the host is to get as high as the betting player or above him.
Incase the host hits the same number as the betting player, the host automaticly wins.

So for example:
- Betting player places a bet of 100m to play Blackjack 100.
- Betting players rolls a 40, and decides to Hit.
- Host rolls again and it lands on a 50, which makes a total of 90.
- The player decides to stay on 90.
- Now its the Host his turn to play, and rolls a 55,
- Host rolls again, and rolls a 60, which makes a total of 115, the betting player wins. Since the host busted ( got over 100 )
- Host pays out betting player 200m.

Now, incase of the betting player choose to play 21, the game works the same as above,
But the host must select the " 2, 6 sides " on the dice bag,
Basicly what this means is that the dice can roll anywhere between 2-12
And the game is being played to the one getting closest to 21, instead of 100.

Incase the host reaches the same number as the betting player, the host wins.​

Important note:

As written above, if you dont trust the Host do ask for a MM.
Incase you guys decided not to use a MM its strongly adviced to record everything incase something bad happens.

I will be adding a guide for Flower Poker later on!