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  1. Mann

    [2021.11.02] Halloween Event + Game Updates

    What is the drop table for the H'ween boss?
  2. Mann

    INDEPENDENCE DAY Improvements & Planned update

    Pretty sure the guy saluting in the top right pic is Russian.
  3. Mann

    New / *LOST* Items

    Lumberjack from 200m woodcutting xp, constructor from 200m con xp, doctor from healing 100k hp from food (like the achievement for 50k), nurse from naturally regenerating 5k health, lederhosen from obtaining all 3 birdnest birds, changshan set from putting 10b in wishing well, silken set from...
  4. Mann

    Sticky Ironman Guide - Updated

    Generally I'd say it's better to make adamant bolts (fletching and smithing) over arrows since diamond and ruby bolts (e) can be used for pvm.
  5. Mann

    Fairy Ring Locations

    Let me know if any of the locations are wrong, might have mistyped some numbers.
  6. Mann

    Fairy Ring Locations

    Combinations (3 digits 1-4) not listed do not currently have a destination 123 - Abyssal Area, currently empty 124 - Small islet off the coast of Miscellania, used for clue steps (no $ req) 131 - Black dragons above Taverly dungeon, shortcut to Black Demons 132 - Red (carnivorous) chinchompa...